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Another run bites the dust

General info

Here you can find all the general info about the veterinary controls, tracks, admission, entries, prizes and more.

Image by Mark Galer


Coursing distances

  • For Cirneco dell’Etna, Italian Sighthound and Whippet: 600 – 800 meters.

  • For all other sighthound breeds: 800 – 1000 meters.    

Small variations of the above distances are tolerated. (§4.10.2)
Terrain and ground
Three fields on the sand by the sea.

Type of lure
Lure pulled over pulleys.

Doping test
Doping tests will be executed according to the FCI regulations § 1.9

The event will observe the antidoping regulations approved by the Finnish Kennel Club council. These regulations are available here.

Responsibility disclaimer

ccording FCI regulations §1.10.


CACIL class and CSS class, FCI regulations §1.4, §4.2, §4.6, §4.7, §4.9

  • maximum 6 dogs per country per breed and gender in total

  • both classes are separated by gender if there are sufficient males and females (6+6)

  • A dog can only be entered in one class

  • to be entered any sighthound must have completed the last two lure coursing events before the deadline of the entry without disqualification

  • A disqualification between the entry closing date and the date of the championship precludes participation.

  • qualification runs completed before the age limit set forth in §1.4.2 is reached are invalid.


The FCI European Lure Coursing Champions 2021 and CdL Sprinter Winners Lure Coursing 2021 can defend their titles in the class of their 2022 license (CSS or CACIL) and can be entered in addition to the maximum permissible participants.

Image by Anton Shuvalov


Entries can only be done by the dog owners’ national organization. 

CACIL allocation

CACIL will be awarded according to the FCI regulations §5. When the National Organization on the registration form indicates that the dog has got a CACIL-license and applies for the CACIL, this is accepted as evidence.


If there are 6 dogs or more of one breed a FCI world championship title or CSS world winner achievement can be awarded within the breed. If there are 6 or more males and 6 or more females of one breed a FCI world championship title and / or CSS world winner achievement per gender (2 in total per class) is awarded within the breed. §4.9 


FCI World Champion Lure Coursing 2022 (WCC 2022)

  • Red presentation jackets for winners

CSS World Winner Lure Coursing 2022 (CWCW 2022)

  • Blue presentation jackets for winners


Prizes of honor for the first six ranked dogs. All participants receive a gift.


The WCC2022 catalogue can be purchased on site.

National certificates

National certificates will be awarded for dogs who had at least 75% of maximum points.


Veterinary info

Veterinary control

  • For dogs competing on Friday,
    the control is on Thursday 13:00 >

  • For dogs competing on Saturday,
    the control is on Friday 14:00 >

  • For dogs competing on Sunday,
    the control is on Saturday 14:00 >


Team leaders will get a time schedule for the veterinary control.

Dogs under 2 years and over 6 years in each day must be at the veterinary control 30 minutes after the first run.


Vet requirements

Valid EU vaccination passport or pet passport where the dog’s identification marking as well as the expiry date of vaccinations is recorded. The vaccination passport must be presented at each veterinary control. The vaccination regulations approved by the board of the Finnish Kennel Club are followed in the events.

In order to attend an event, a dog must have the following valid vaccinations:

  • vaccination against rabies (21 days withdrawal period)

  • vaccinations, at least twice, against canine distemper, canine parvovirus, and infectious canine hepatitis (21 days withdrawal period)


Read more about vaccination Regulations
of the Finnish Kennel Club

Regulations for import

Treatment against echinococcosis must be administered.

Please check the country specific requirements and recommendations for import on the website of the 
Finnish Food Authority


The dog must have a readable microchip or readable tattoo.

Image by Mitchell Orr
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