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How to get there

Kalajoki, Finland

How to get to Kalajoki? You can choose to travel in many forms and if you don't have a car, you might need to travel in several ways - depends where you're coming from.

Visit Kalajoki

Kalajoki and its famous holiday area of Hiekkasärkät is located in Northern Ostrobothnia on the seashore.


The Hiekkasärkät holiday area is located approx. 7 km south from the center of Kalajoki, by the national road 8. To access the tourist area, take the Hiekkasärkät E or Hiekkasärkät P exit.

Visit Kalajoki is a website where you can find all the info you could possible need about Kalajoki in whole. 

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Kuvaaja Vesa Rönty



You can easily get to Kalajoki by bus from Kokkola and Oulu. There is also a bus connection from Ylivieska. Bus timetables and ticket prices can be found on Matkahuolto's website.

Sea and sky

You can travel to Finland like you usually would - by plane or by a ship. The nearest airports are in Kokkola (about 70 km from Kalajoki) and Oulu (about 130 km from Kalajoki). From there you can take either a train or a bus or rent a car.


The ports you'd most likely would be arriving are Helsinki, Turku and Vaasa. Vaasa is the closest port to Kalajoki (about 185 km).


From the airport or the port you can take either a train or a bus or rent a car.


The nearest train stations are in Ylivieska (about 40 km) and Kokkola (about 70 km). Train timetables and ticket prices can be found on VR's website. There are bus connections to Kalajoki from both stations.

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